Fix Me Stick –A must, next to antivirus

A few years ago, installing anti-virus software would be more than enough for protecting computers from malware threats and virus attacks. Unfortunately, so many typical and dangerous viruses are attacking our computersnowadays. We are facing a tough time to stop them all!

An anti-virus program stops viruses from attacking our computer. Some viruses are clever enough to go past antivirus software. If once it enters the system, it is difficult not only to remove it but also to run antivirus software. Then our computer is more open to virus attacks further. These viruses interfere with the software trying to eliminate themand can hide somewhere within the computer and thus miss the scans. In such situations, we have to use external bootable virus removal devices like FixMeStick.Here is a brief fix me sticks review to explain why it’s a must.


FixMeStick is a bootable USB device that can scan your computer. It identifiesand removes any viruses or malware present in our computer. It is extremely simple to use. Just plug in Fix Me Stick into any USB port.It boots with its operating system and starts scan even before computer loads its operating system.

After the FixMeStick boots, it checks for product updates,downloads latest malware signature and starts its own scan by establishing an Internet connection. All this happens without any user involvement.

It will reboot the computer. It scans for viruses using three of the best anti-virus engines in the world. So it is difficult for any virus to escape from all the three anti-virus engines. It scans for any malware that is outside the operating system also and will eliminate it very effectively.


An anti-virus solution scans when a computer is in use. FixMeStick contains its own Linux-based operating system and works even before computer boots. It uses its own operating system instead of computer’s infected operating system. This let’s FixMeStick to delete any virus that hides on the hard drive.  But it won’t work in real time. It means when we are downloading from the internet, there is a great chance for the virus attack. FixMeStick won’tstop any virus attacks in such cases. An antivirus works well in those conditions. So it is a good practice to use FixMeStick in combination with any antivirus software.


FixMeStick is an extended security for your computer which can be used along with any antivirus software.It’s a great security system in a small portable stick. It is an excellent solution to clean up the entire virus on the hard drive of the computer.Also from fix me sticks review, by customers, it is evident that it is working as is promised. It is such a simple process through which a non-technical person can clean up malware which thus saves a lot of time and money.