Ideas of Products for starting online shopping

Online shopping or electronic commerce enables consumers to buy products directly from the sellers’ website. User searches for their desired item, purchases with a valid method of payment. Item is delivered home. Giant online e-commerce includes Alibaba,, and eBay. Products sold include books, electronics, clothes and more. You can start your online ecommerce using unique products that are of late much in demand.

  • Smart Fitness Watches:

These are very popular among consumers who are interested in health and fitness. They are wearable tech sold to 40% of US consumers. The Companies making them are Apple and Fitbit.

  • Bluetooth Speakers:

Players like Beats by Dre have made Bluetooth-speakers a favourite during the holiday season. Streaming music services are convenient for customers to carry this wherever they go.

  • Phone Power Banks:

Power banks, portable batteries can be charged in advance. Pokemon GO’s made this phone power bank popular worldwide. There would be a high demand in power banks and external batteries will remain.

Ideas of Products for starting online shopping

  • Waterproof Phone Cases:

These are required when it is raining and when the user is enjoying poolside activities. Water is harmful to Smartphone but waterproof cases keep them durable. These are very popular.

  • Liquid Phone Cases:

Since phones are an essential commodity in our lives, the phone cases are popular. These unique liquid phone cases are filled with gel-like liquid at the back. When the phone moves, the gel-like liquid slides to create a new design. Presently, designs vary from beer mugs to aquariums.

  • Rechargeable Lighters:

These rechargeable lighters are alternatives to regular lighters. They are used for e-cigarettes. These lighters do not have any flame or fuel like the traditional lighters. They are energised with lithium ion batteries. They are charged with USB cords or standalone charging docks. Lighting is a heated, electric coil like the portable cigarette lighter in a car.

  • Enamel Pins:

These are a new must possess a product that is pretty accessories. These can be attached to anything starting from denim jackets to laptop bags. These enamel pins may be used for creating branded logos, illustrations, and other things.

  • Lights:

These comprise of small, white LED lights that provide a soft cosy glow to indoor or outdoor space. These lights have been used by Bohemian settlers but now everyone wants to use them.

Charcoal Face Masks:  The most popular beauty trend is activated charcoal masks. Activated charcoal is commonly used ingredient in cosmetics.