Seven Things You May Not Know About Your Own Cat

You may have had cats as your companions for long, yet, you will be shocked to know that there are many things that you do not know about them. They may have tried to bring these into your notice buy you may not have got the point yet. If you love your pet, you should certainly try to know a little more about their life. Here is a guide to assure your cats are on top of your priority.

Seven features of your cat that you should be aware of:

Cats are day sleepers: Cats are nocturnal animals which means, they come alive at night and that is when they tend to be most active. On an average, cats sleep for about 15 hours and most of this is during day. They do this in order to conserve energy and if they are sleeping less, then you should know that there are some health concerns. Contact the vet immediately.

Cats don’t purr for no reason: We, humans, may talk for no reason at all but not your cats. They purr only if there is a reason for them to do so.  If it looks content while purring, then they are happy and that the cats are on top of their game. If they look distressed while purring, it means there are some health concerns. Cats also purr when they have to communicate like if they want food or attention.

The growth from kitten to cat: The growth period differs from cat to cat. Generally, a one-year-old kitten is a cat. They attain full growth by the time they are one and by 18 months, they have reach their full growth. But there are certain larger breeds which may reach full growth only after two to four years. A cat usually reaches puberty by 9 months and this is the best time to spay them.

Foods for cats: While most pet owners prefer special cat food, there are many food items of yours that your cat can eat too. At the same time, feed these items in moderation. Cat food is best for cats as it contains all the nutrients they need. From your diet, cats can have rice, chicken, beef and salmon and vegetables such as broccoli, peas, spinach and pumpkin but avoid corn, bacon, dog food and even milk completely.

The food quantity: The amount of food required for your cats depend on the health, age and the overall nature of the cat. There should be a proper feeding schedule as well.  Kittens may need three main full meals but fully grown cats just need to be fed twice a day though.

Grass eating is normal: If you see your cat munching on grass, do not panic because it is nature’s way of clearing their stomach. Cats tend to eat grass when they need to throw away undigested food items from their system and this can be good for their health.

Cats have gas too: Cats do not pass gas much and you may not notice it even but if you continue to smell the gas badly and often, then it means there are some digestive problems for which you need to take your pet to the vet.

These are some facts about cats that you should know about as the knowledge will help you raise healthier and happier pets.