What Are The Different Platforms For Backend Application Development?

If you are considering to build a mobile application for your website or business to target the mobile users, you need to make sure the app does not only look great but performs equally robust. The performance of any app or any online product is directly dependent on its backend support. How fast the backend operates to store and retrieve information received and requested, connect with various entities and perform complicated and complex activities and how flexible, sustainable and secure the architecture of the backend is that determines the robustness of its performance. When it comes to backend application development, there are various tech platforms available that you need to choose from as per the functionalities of your app.

What Are The Tech Platforms Available For Developing An App?

Cross-Platform Apps – If your app uses to operate on multiple platforms or operating systems smoothly, you need to use .NET libraries. Most of the cross-platform apps are Xamarin-powered apps, and they take the help of AWS Xamarin Mobile Services or Azure App services for using cloud platforms. Xamarin cross-platform mobile development is the most efficient and optimized way for designing and developing the backend of the cross-platform app.

Single-Page App – If you want to build dynamic single-page apps with real-time communication and content uploading, you have to use JavaScript frameworks. The user experience will be outstanding without any glitches, and the app will be superfast and highly responsive. Most importantly, your app will be able to sustain the excessive load efficiently, and you can create APIs and other web services. Your app will be a combination of MongoDB and NoSQL with Node.js.

CMS Apps – If the backend of the app is more based on the content management system, PHP is the best choice as the platform for backend application development. It is absolutely efficient in building CMS, and that is why WordPress which is the most used CMS is also built with PHP. The app is going to be highly scalable and flexible to handle huge traffic and execute complex queries without breaking down.

If you do not have enough knowledge about the technicalities of backend application development, you should contact experienced and reputed app development companies so that they provide you the best possible solution. All the integration must be seamless, and the functions and features should be robust and they must be scope for scaling and upgrading. One of such reputed companies is Softeq who have the best app development team for providing the efficient solution for your application.