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One way to get around the perfect writing services are to let the evidence of the first couple of points speaks for themselves. You may not need to add a lot of explanation. As you get further into your other points, you can then add more information that demonstrates how important those points are, too. It’s difficult to provide a specific example. The best thing you can do is to pick up a magazine and read one of the longer articles. Identify the conclusion, and then pick out the points that support it. Then evaluate how the author has handled each one.

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When you’ve laid out your evidence and you’re sure that it leads naturally to your conclusion, then you’re ready to write the introduction. The introduction can be one of the hardest sections to write. It’s the sort of thing that can create writer’s block before you even get started. That’s why starting at the end can be so helpful. Once you know where your paper is headed and how it will end, you’ll know what scene you need to set for your readers. You could even include a statement that reads, “The purpose of this paper is to… ‚ÄúThat will tell your reader why you bothered to write it at all, and it will help him or her to know what to expect.