Why Many Individuals Prefer To Get The All New Invisalign

If you are planning to get braces soon, then the new Invisalign might be one of the options that you are planning to consider. Everyone wants a great smile and you can only have that if you feel confident with your smile. About 4 decades ago, people only have metal braces as an option but the new technology in orthodontics is now giving us new options. One of the most popular Braces HK is the Invisalign.

What Is An Invisalign?

Invisalign are form fitting and custom-made retainers that can slowly change the persons’ teeth position over time. The Invisalign moves the teeth in a way that is similar to how braces work. However, Invisalign is more convenient because it is removable and transparent which makes it virtually invisible. Invisalign act as braces do but without any restrictions.

Important Reasons To Use Invisalign

Invisalign is custom-made for your teeth so you will not need any wires and brackets. Your teeth will shift into place bit by bit and move to the position where they should be to create that perfect smile. Aside from convenience, here are more reasons why choose Invisalign:

  • Works Similarly As Traditional Braces. This is an effective treatment that works similarly as traditional braces. Invisalign can address underbites, overbites, gaps, and even the overcrowding of teeth.
  • Boost Self – Esteem. Unlike metal braces that can make you self conscious because nobody really wants a metal mouth or be called “Brace Face.” Invisalign can change this for you. This is mostly the solution that can often remove anxiety and letting you be yourself and be surer of your smile.
  • Improve Eating Habits. If you are wearing braces, there are plenty of foods that you have to temporarily avoid while undergoing orthodontic treatment. No hard and crunchy foods like apples, popcorn, raw carrots, and even chewy candy! With Invisalign, this removes these restrictions because you can easily take it off.
  • Shorter Time Of Treatment. When you choose Invisalign, the treatment can take about 10 to 24 weeks depending on the severity of your problem. The visit to your orthodontists will also become shorter and less frequent. After your first visit, you will come back every 6 weeks.
  • Cost Effective. Most Invisalign treatments are covered by Braces HKmany dental insurance policies. There are also plenty of dentists and orthodontists who offer monthly payments to pay conveniently and make it easier on the budget.
  • Improve Your Smile. Although this is the least important factors why choose Invisalign, we have to admit that this is mostly the patients’ reason to do so. Since Invisalign are invisible, it makes it almost nonexistent. As a bonus, you are able to remove them without a problem if you need to.

Always remember that orthodontics was invented not only to give you a pretty smile but most importantly to improve your health. This is why if you want a more convenient and less painful treatment, Invisalign is the best choice for you.