Btc price: The Money Monster

Bitcoin was a term which has taken the world upside down and shook it, for about two decades now, but what is it exactly? It is, simply, an online cryptocurrency. It does not have a physical form, as in there are no physical notes or banks in which a user can create an account, but all transactions are done primarily over internet, and the money is collected by novices or experts using a process known as ‘mining’. It was created by a person or a group using the alias ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. It has a very high exchange rate to proper national currency, but does not have worldwide following because of regular cases of fraud and theft. Given below are few facts about this gargantuan money monster.

Is investing in bitcoin the same as investing in the stock market?

The two markets are not very similar, as in the stock market there is a physical commodity to invest in, such as a car, electronics, technology, etc., but in btc price, there is no real commodity per se because it is a digital currency. The only similarity is that to an extent, the prices in both these markets are determined by computer generated mathematical algorithms.

Why Should You Sell Your Rare Coin After Knowing The Coin Values?

Selling a rare and old coin is a good way to earn money. If you have a habit of collecting old items or coins, then you can make use of this hobby over a longer period to earn money. If you have a rare coin that has gained its value and demand over the long years, then it is time to sell the coin for a good price to earn money quickly. You can simply sell the coin that you had been collecting for so many years to earn a huge amount of money for it.