Maintain Your Polished Silver Jewellery Well. 

Jewelry is something everyone loves, and age is not a bar, sex is not a bar, nothing is no bar. Despite this, gold or diamonds tend to make a big hole in their pocket, and therefore not everyone can brag as much as they would like. Additionally, not everyone wants the enthusiasm of gold, as many diamonds look brighter in white than in gold.

Silver is the whiter metal, even than platinum or rhodium. When styled in flat designs, such as flat, heart-shaped charms on a bracelet or necklace, the brushed silver surface gives a beautiful finish that is very attractive and truly special. However, there is a downside to this feature, which is that the surface of 은꼴is subject to fading. What happens is that the particles on the surface of the silver object combine with the oxygen and form a silver oxide.

Unfortunately, instead of the anodized surface being shiny, it turns black! Quite the opposite of what you want and something to deal with, but there are several things to think about, in order not to make things worse. First of all, many silver jewelry is rhodium-coated, which prevents staining, so you should check whether the item is rhodium-plated or not. If this is the case, don’t polish it as you gamble removing a rhodium plating only. Second, if the jewelry is worn on your skin, your essential oils actually defend it. In fact, if it is an item that you rarely take off, your daily personal washing routine helps prevent dirt from building up on your jewelry, which is excellent (assuming you don’t use very abrasive or reliable cleaners, like those used in industrial settings, for example). However, there are times when you need to make sure that the 은꼴 item is removed and kept safe. For example, the chlorine in a swimming pool can quickly speed up the oxidation process and make the element black! If you’re going to be swimming in a lake, that’s fine.

Either way, cleaning up the money takes just a few simple steps, and like good cooking, the key to success is making sure you are using the right ingredients. A high-quality silver polishing will work well. In addition to having an excellent finish at the time, it often has secondary protection from leaving a film on the polished item that prevents fading after processing. If you weren’t wearing the jewelry at the time, once you have polished it, it will help you maintain its shine and shine better if you put it in an airtight container. Some silver jewelry is made from a mixture of polished and anodized metal, to provide an exciting contrast between the white mirror of brushed silver and the ash-black color in the oxidized area. In such cases, it would be best to talk to your jeweler about preserving this jewelry in its best condition.