Methods Of Treating Back Pain Without Surgery

Cause of back pain

The designing of the spine and back is a great deal of strength. It protects the sensitive spinal cord and roots of the nerve. The part of a person is flexible and provides mobility in various directions. Different parts of the spine produce back pain. These can be irritation in large nerve roots running down the arms and legs. Strain in the back muscles. Injury in the joints. And the bones and discs in the spine.

Non-surgical treatment for back pain

The people suffering from back pain experience soreness in the area of pain, difficulty in standing, walking or bending. They feel pain in one side of the leg, numbness in the lower limbs. There are a few symptoms, but there are various symptoms.

People prefer treating back pain without surgery, as surgeries are painful and never give accurate results. Few treatments are:

  • Medication for pain: there is a various medication for different pain relating to the spine and back.
  • Ice or Heat: the application of a heating pad or cold pack relieves the back pain.
  • Manual manipulation reduces the pressure on the sensitive parts and improves the blood flow by increasing flexibility.
  • Therapeutic massage: this improves the blood flow and reduces the stiffness in muscles.
  • Exercise: this includes stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercise that is low impacts to relieve back pain.

Back pain affects many adults, and it is one of the reasons for disability in the world. The pain is chronic if it lasts beyond 12 weeks.