Castor Wheels have caused a quiet revolution, which seems to have largely passed unnoticed so far. By allowing the equipment to come to the User, a precedent has been created  The User need not constantly plan the landscape of his work space, he or she can chop and change as needed. To achieve this end, two basic types of Casters are in use: Rigid Casters and Swivel Casters. Most popular Caster always designs mount the wheel on a fork, but in the case of the Swivel Caster, there is an additional Swivel Joint above the fork. This allows the fork to rotate freely through nearly 360 degrees. This Caster can roll in any direction, so that the Cart on which the Casters are mounted can itself turn in each and every direction, even backwards, when the casters can turn completely around to permit this motion. Swivel Casters are now used by Designers around the World to give universal motion to Equipment mounting carts that can be rolled in any direction.

The Need To Swivel


The Swiveling motion is absolutely essential for some types of moving machines. The most common placement of Swivel Wheels is on the Rear of the Cart, with Rigid or Fixed casters in front. This allows the Cart to move in a straight line to a pre-set direction, while the Swiveling Rear allows the turning motion as and when required. Workers can now push the Cart with their legs if they want to, and steer the Cart with their whole body.

One main difference between a Caster and a simple wheel is that, a Wheel can spin in only one axis, whereas a Caster, being a wheel incorporated onto a mounting system that holds the wheel, can swivel to any angle necessary (up to 360 degrees). The Cart can now move straight, turn right or left, or even backwards. This creates a multi-purpose Cart, suited to any movement.

Swiveling Which Way

The Swivel Caster has a rare Maneuverability, as it is usually comes with a double ball race swivel head. It has a high load capacity, and can be used on Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications. Office Chairs, Trolleys, to large Industrial Machines, its construction lends its use to most difficult Environmental Conditions also. Whether Indoors or Outdoors, both Fork with Mounting Plate, as well as Wheel, of the Swivel Casters are treated for external deterioration due to rust or fatigue.