Know about technology voucher program (TVP)

Launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission, the TVP has approved up to $300 million for 2000+ comes, benefiting enterprises of various varieties. With impact from one April 2020, the funding ceiling of the Technology Voucher Programme has been accumulated from $400,000 to $600,000. And therefore, the additional eligibility has also been relaxed.

Victimization FlexSystem’s technological service and computer code solutions. Many consumers are benefited from this program to boost its productivity and aggressiveness. Additional remodel business processes and best property management system.

What makes aCube a perfect selection for patrons to change their business process?

  • Honest and reliable

The rich expertise in computer code development and implementation services. They share undefeated client a good scope of industries and real estate crm.

  • TVP – skilled authority staff
  • Professional authority staff

The strong development and support team who are accustomed to the applying services

  • TVP – has wide-ranging technological solutions
  • The Wide-ranging technological resolutions

Customized computer code to cater to your needs. Accommodate to native business surroundings

Anti-epidemic assistance for operation

The world is facing new economic challenges amid the continuing irruption of the novel coronavirus illness. Several employers have begun instituting work from home or versatile hours’ policies to refine the business methods of the enterprise.

As an area business computer code developer, FlexSystem can serve the robust times. Along with giving a free mobile group action app to enterprises the least bit levels. By leverage technology to modify body processes and scale back prices, enterprises will affect monetary stress and anxiety to survive in these troublesome times.