Online Freight

Online freight usually refers to a company that posts loads on the Internet so that truckers and drivers can be matched with shippers’ needs. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that keeps freight moving and drivers working. A company that hosts the posting generally makes its money by charging a fee to access the information from both sides of the truck. cek ongkir API

As a driver, you can post a resume that will be seen by hundreds of trucking companies looking for you. Since more and more companies are using the Internet as a major resource, it makes sense to post your resume. Then, if your resume attracts attention, you will be contacted online. You may still want to mail resumes to targeted companies, but using the Internet as a job search tool makes a lot of sense.

Online Freight Jobs Posting

If you represent a trucking company, you will now have access to thousands of driver resumes online. This means a huge savings in time because you can review resumes right from your desk without waiting for the daily mail. By posting your available jobs or loads online, you may also reduce your employment advertising costs because you are likely to get significantly more qualified responses from the larger pool on the Internet.

This, of course, applies whether you hire drivers or use independents. In fact, the same type of online communication can be used when you’re looking for trucks or are in the market to sell. At the right website, you will also find peripheral information, such as insurance options, that can be extremely valuable to your company and to your employees.