Safety Rules for Kids in Playgrounds

Kids are used to playing in the playgrounds or going out for picnics with you. They often try experimenting with new play areas and tools available in the park or the playground. They often take all the safety measures for granted and try various dangerous stunts in the playground. If you’re accompanying them to a park or a playground then you can try and keep them away from any mishaps by following a few safety rules.

Make them wear appropriate shoes– The playground is a place of fun, but at the same time it has its own dangers. The soil or the grass might contain many harmful particles and when your child steps on them, it might wound their feet. Get them to wear good, fully covered shoes along with a sock while taking them to play. Open-toes shoes, slippers, or flip-flops will only cause the sand and dust to enter their sole and cause discomfort to them. Only make them wear a perfectly fitting, sports shoe or tennis shoe while playing in a park or playground.

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Stays away from dangerous rides– Most playgrounds are open for children of all ages, but it might contain a few rides or play items specific to certain age group of kids only. Make sure your kid’s only in the play area specific to his age group. Often times they might want to try some big stunts like the big kids do and try to wander off into a dangerous play zone. Make sure you keep an eye on them and don’t let them get into any danger. Sometimes the kids might get into a fight and end up hurting themselves in the row. Make sure you oversee their activities from time to time.

Apply some sunscreen on them– The children would want to stay on the playground for long time and wouldn’t care of the burning sun. If you’re in a tropical region or take kids to the playgrounds during summer, make sure you get them covered by a good sunscreen lotion. The sand and the slides will also get hot and turn up the heat around the area. Children wouldn’t pay any heed to the sun and continue to play. So make sure they are well protected before they start playing in the sun.

Dress them up properly– It’s a given that kids always go careless around a playground. They often fall down, pick themselves up, and get hurt while playing. They might also end up tearing their clothes in the process. Make sure you dress them up properly before letting them play in the park. Any hanging or loose ends in their clothes might get tangled with things lying around and they might also get hurt in the process. Cloth them in good, fully covered clothes that doesn’t have any loose ends or hangings. Next time when you’re taking your kid to the park, make sure they follow the safety rules, and have a safe and fun play time.