Want to do covid test for employees in Singapore

Jaga Me is one of the leading providers of mobile covid testing and also ART (Antigen Rapid Testing) in Singapore. This company has full of tested & proven covid 19 swab testers or operators as it is completed approved and licensed provider by the ministry of health. It works very closely with the public companies and agencies to support timely and safe re-opening of the economy.

If any private or public company wants to start your work again by testing all your employees to find whether they are infected with corona virus or not, you can book covid test for employees here with this company. They will make arrangement for everything and test every employee before entering your workplace to ensure 100 % safety.

covid test for employees

Specialties of Jaga Me:

  • Qualified trainers

Jaga Me has highly qualified and experienced trainers or nurses who have conducted the swab technique training, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), infection control training, usage training, and N95 mask fitting for the different government agencies.

  • End to end support

From the planning of pre-event, to communicating the authorities and actual execution, the team members of Jaga Me has the expertise to make all your plans a reality to do covid test for employees.

  • Complete testing solution

These team members also work with the certified partners and laboratories to conduct PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), ART (Antigen Rapid Tests), and also Serology (Antibody) tests.

They have already done their tests in the various events conducted in Singapore and some of them include Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2020, MCI Insights Conference 2020, Keppel Desalination Plant Opening 2021, and more. If you want to make mobile medical enquiry to book the off-site covid test with Jaga Me, you just have to fill the online form by giving your company name, any representative name, his/her phone number and email address. Once you submit the form, an executive in the Jaga Me team will contact you shortly. 

Finding the Right Psychologist

How to select a psychologist

Several things affect our development and, in turn, impact the behavior, and it is sometimes a tricky process to analyze these. This can frequently be a process that takes a very long time, but after it’s been undertaken, it’s a good way in which to try to deal with complex issues. These can stem from your childhood or from different issues that have arisen over time. Often we are the people least equipped to see what’s happening in our lives, and this is why the outside perspective of a counselling psychologist hong kong can prove to be useful.

The psychologist is important to figure out plans that need to be used to be a powerful effort. Seeing a counselling psychologist hong kong of this kind can be a life-changing experience for many men and women. This can mean they are freed from repressions and addictions that have held them back and prevented them from enjoying their own lives.

Therapists and Their Craft

After this happens, people realize they have a fresh lease on life and a different perspective than they had earlier, meaning they can make progress. Most of the time, it’s a good experience, and because therapist hong kong it involves communication between you and another human being, it can be a fascinating learning experience.

There are tons of different sorts of psychologists, and these comprise developmental and therapist hong kong clinical. The main aim of all of the different psychologists is the same. But they focus on various tactics to accomplish that. The main difference is that a few are more interested in independent studies, which positively impact, while others have direct contact with patients.

About H.I.T Professional Athletes

Each personal trainer at H.I.T can have regular body analysis and performance check-ins with their shoppers to check wherever. They’re at in their coaching progress. This personal fitness gym includes daily WhatsApp messages, email updates, and once per week official check-ins.

Their weekly check-ins accommodate a full-body fat analysis, weight. And footage update to represent the progress revamped the previous week. This thorough procedure is here to make sure every consumer is on the right track. And being supported with something and everything they have to perform at their best. You will also see female trainer Hong Kong services there.

Further services

They embrace further services like outside coaching plans, home coaching workouts, quality routines, recovery routines, and even supplement protocols.

The goal of this program is to stay things as easy as doable so you’ll be able to come through results that are quick and reparable. They tend to additionally guide you on a way to keep the body you’ve worked thus exhausting for still as however, you’ll be able to issue flexibility into your lifestyle.

Personalised and targeted coaching

Whether you favor one on one coaching or cluster coaching. Their toughened and knowledgeable personal trainers are here to help you to urge the results you merit. They are as keen about this as you’re. And it’s specifically, this that sets America aside from the remainder.

You will experience full-body analysis

From their initial consultation, they tend to then bear an in-depth screening method. That has your movement capabilities, body fat levels, cardio capability, and coaching age. And even a decent take a look at with their partner MD for America to look at your health panel.

One of the best service offered by the Levo Spa

The SPA focuses on the relaxation of body, mind and soul, the best experience and recovery of the mind. The fusion of aesthetics and philosophy The voice of the soul merges into the depths of nature. They all have the right to change someone’s life through our relationship, and at Levospa that’s what they do. When you need to be nervous, there’s no more room. Levo spa offers certified relaxing massages, facial spa treatment, body treatments, pedicures and manicures, eyebrows and eyelash extensions in the heart of the centre.

Facial spa services offered by Levo

  • Professional definition of elevators and contours

Powered by advanced technology, this facial treatment can restore facial structure using the effective nutrients contained in the active ingredients of the plant. These active ingredients help support the extracellular matrix. It creates a deep piece, an exhilaration and a youthful effect.

  • Pro-Collagen Anti-Aging

This treatment eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and supports the cellular structure of the skin. Ocean Charge Paddy Napa Bonica Red Coral Perceived benefit helps smooth fine lines, Audi Indian Reducer helps relieve skin fatigue and relieve wrinkles. Target lymphatic drainage massage brings rejuvenation, and at the same time, an anti-ageing peeling mask promotes better cell function, greatly improves elasticity and elasticity, nourishes young and beautiful skin.

Levo Spa is committed to discovering the forces of nature and interpreting them to the limit. It uses modern technology to explore the principles of natural aesthetics and combines nature with therapeutic effects and facial spa treatment. Every well-designed treatment exerts a therapeutic effect that goes beyond the nature chosen by nature. Services offered include spa, beauty, hair and scalp treatments, manicures and eyelashes. One-stop beauty spa

What are the reasons to join a Gyrotonic Rehabilitation?

These days, most of the time, people used to get confused between Pilates and Gyrotonic exercises. Pilates are exercises for correcting muscular imbalances and postural changes. But Gyrotonic movements can increase the strength as well as the flexibility of a person. Therefore, choosing one, accordingly based on your needs and requirements, is the best thing.

Whenever you or people you know are dealing with any kind of flexibility issues, joining the Iso Fit rehabilitation unit is good. There, people can do needful physical exercises that lead to correction of any mistakes in your muscles. Without knowing what is wrong with your body, you should not make a decision. Instead, you have to know the cause of the pain, and only with physician referral, you have to take the needful steps.

Since in physiotherapist central, there will be experienced professionals who help you in performing the right exercises. With the qualified professionals, you find there, you do not need to worry about your pain and other things. Everything will be alright soon and what you have to do there is, get a referral from your doctor, then get a physical assessment from the physiotherapists. After that, they will offer you good treatment, and it consists of different phases, and finally, you can get rid of your pain.

Ensure that you continue to rehabilitate so that you can mitigate any risk of getting reinjured in the future. So, when you wish to lead a normal life as others without pain, join a rehab center soon.

Know about different knee injuries

The anterior symmetric ligament or ACL is one of the common ligaments of the knee. And particularly in various sports games like basketball and soccer. For these knee injuries and shoulder instability singapore treatments are best for you. You should visit the OrthoSportcenter in Singapore for major joint injuries and get the best treatments.

If the ACL has been torn in your body, then the surgical ligament reconstruction of the ligament could also be indicated. It is because the ligament seldom heals by itself. And during this kind of treatment, the foremost common procedure is to require either the hamstring tendons. Do you know that what is ACL torn? Have you ever noticed how loose the knee is? It is termed the Lachman’s test torn ACL throughout knee surgery.

What are posterior symmetric ligament Injuries?

The posterior symmetric ligament is within the back of the knee. As a rule of thumb, it’s typically not as disabling as ACL injuries. Most of these injuries are often treated with physical therapy apart from terribly severe tears. It is often referred to as a Posterolateral complicated injury PLC.

About meniscus tears

The cartilage may be shock-absorbing gristle within the middle of your knee. There are two menisci, one on the within medial and another on the surface of the knee. Squatting will cause multiplied pain, and often if there’s an oversized cartilage tear, a person will complain that their knee locks, that is, it gets stuck during a bound position then must be wiggled to urge it back to place.

Methods Of Treating Back Pain Without Surgery

Cause of back pain

The designing of the spine and back is a great deal of strength. It protects the sensitive spinal cord and roots of the nerve. The part of a person is flexible and provides mobility in various directions. Different parts of the spine produce back pain. These can be irritation in large nerve roots running down the arms and legs. Strain in the back muscles. Injury in the joints. And the bones and discs in the spine.

Non-surgical treatment for back pain

The people suffering from back pain experience soreness in the area of pain, difficulty in standing, walking or bending. They feel pain in one side of the leg, numbness in the lower limbs. There are a few symptoms, but there are various symptoms.

People prefer treating back pain without surgery, as surgeries are painful and never give accurate results. Few treatments are:

  • Medication for pain: there is a various medication for different pain relating to the spine and back.
  • Ice or Heat: the application of a heating pad or cold pack relieves the back pain.
  • Manual manipulation reduces the pressure on the sensitive parts and improves the blood flow by increasing flexibility.
  • Therapeutic massage: this improves the blood flow and reduces the stiffness in muscles.
  • Exercise: this includes stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercise that is low impacts to relieve back pain.

Back pain affects many adults, and it is one of the reasons for disability in the world. The pain is chronic if it lasts beyond 12 weeks.


Every now and then, people do need to gift their child in a richest way. But here is the best gift, which makes you to make your child richest in the world. It is said that, ‘‘human without diseases is the most rich one’’. In the contemporary days, people are getting discomforts and complexities due to many ailments. To get rid of this at any time, you can gift your child the blood stem cell savings.

Cord blood bank will save your blood plasma and stem cell from the umbilical cord. Through this you will be able to get the instant benefits and this will make to be more gifted through its eminent traits.


Now a day’s, medical industry is been improving and this have given the blood stem cell savings, which is taken from the umbilical cord. This is the most eminent system and when you are in need to know about this in detail, then making use of this site will be more beneficial than the others. This will tell you the importance of this system and how this working can be identified through this in a best way.


Though there are a huge number of sites are available to know about the medical treatments, this is the predominant site, which makes one to know about the stem cell therapy in an eminent manner. This is more unique and one could be able to get the reliable information about this in a detailed manner. Therefore, you will be able to know the complete info regarding this in a detailed manner.


When you are in need to know about the stem cell treatment, then making use of this will be the ideal choice. Through this, you will be able to get the instant changes and one will be able to get the reliable support from here in an alternate way. To be noted, this acts as the best one to make you more informative than any time. Cord blood bank is the right choice and this is the richest gift in the world.

Time to enjoy various benefits of the spa

Today we people need an alternative life style in order to rejuvenate the body and mind. Many really do not understand the meaning behind this because you will be loving to enjoy a luxurious life for a singleday in the spa which is a dream for many. But in the spa you can feel more relaxed and there is no need to worry about your daily chores or the professional burden which is irritating you while undergoing a massagein the spa. If you need to find some inters stingtreatment options then Click here to enjoy a few days without any stress.

The de stress centre

If you need to visit the spa, then there is no need to worry about yourdailyhassles in the life. because eachandeveryperson will be trying to find out a personal time for themselves and the period fop spa will bring it for them. Click here to know the various servicesoffered in the spa which will amuse you at any point of time. Ithelps in reducing the stress factor in yourlife and sometime the deep rooted depression can be cured with the help of the spa services.

Facialscouldreduceyour age

The anti agingproperties of various materials used in the facials is highly responsible for people without the signs of retirement. So if you could retain the healthandbeauty at the same time then a regular time in the spa will be the reason. In addition the skin procedures wrinkles as a sign of the aging. So these facial and the face massage could return the younger skin for you which is going to reduce your age about ten years.

Promoting the sleep and health

Today the main problem behind the veracious heathailments found in the peopleis due to improper sleep and by the help of finding a good spa, you can easily get back your sleep. It is easy to enjoy a lot of quality sleep after a steam bath or oil massage. In addition this increases the ability of the people to enjoy their calm mind without nay hassles. Yet another important advantage of using the spa is that it could help the people to reduce their weight. Fitness is an important part of our life and this is achieved without any hard efforts by the help of the spa. So with all these benefits you can enjoy your day in the spa.

What Type Of Massage Will Work Best For You For a Better Relaxation?

Massage is the manipulation of the body by rubbing and kneading with the use of the hands. A massage therapist applies either gentle or deep pressure to the muscles and joints of the body depending on the preferences of the client.

There are different forms of massages that a Massage Spa can offer. You can choose according to your needs and inclinations. Below are some of them,  see which you might want to try out.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage exerts soft and gentle pressure on the body. With the use of essential oils either directly on the body or in diffusers, this type of massage is favored for its emotional healing properties. Besides alleviating muscle pain and tension, aromatherapy can likewise reduce stress and anxiety, thereby lifting your mood.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage uses strokes that are measured,  with stronger finger pressure to relieve the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue of pain and tension. Individuals who are suffering from chronic pain, severe muscle tightness and tension and anxiety would most benefit from this type of massage. Word of caution though, to those who are sensitive to touch, this may not be the best one for you.

 Hot Stone Massage

The strokes are quite similar to that of the Swedish massage except that it is more effective in relieving muscle tension because heat is incorporated into the routine through the use of hot stones placed strategically on certain parts of the body.

Hot stone massage aids in the proper circulation of blood relieves stress as it relaxes the muscles, and is also a good pain reliever.


Reflexology is a good option for individuals who take exception to be touched on the entire body.

It centers on the various pressure points mainly on the ears, hands, and feet using different degrees of pressure.

Reflexology is immensely soothing and invigorating at the same time.

Better Relaxation

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a type of  Japanese massage that has some basis on Chinese traditional medicine. It utilizes pulsing or rhythmic pressure which covers the whole body but focuses on some specific points.

Some of the positive effects of shiatsu include physical and emotional relaxation,  relief from stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Swedish Massage

Swedish is ideal for those who are new to massage or who may have some sensitivities with regard to touch.  It makes use of gentle strokes to bring about full relaxation and relief from stiffness and minor pains, and the release of muscle knots.

Thai Massage

Thai is the most active form of massage as your body is flexed and stretched to provide for better blood circulation, increased energy levels and flexibility.