Buy or Lease? This Apartment Offers Both!

To buy something, many people consider the price first, and buying an apartment is no exception. In buying an apartment, many things must be considered such as price, location, type, and so on. After considering everything, usually, the buyer will determine whether they will buy it or not. In Hong Kong, there is an affordable apartment, is in a strategic location, and has several types of rooms. It’s very popular and is the choice of many people. This apartment is Apartment O which you can find in Causeway Bay and Happy Valley.

Can I Lease This Apartment?

This apartment, which is located in Hong Kong, is currently providing various special offers for you. This offer varies so that you can choose according to what you want. Besides, if you are looking for an apartment to rent, you are highly recommended to rent this Apartment O. There are special offers for customers. You can rent a fully furnished apartment in Hong Kong for a long time or just a few months. If you want to rent for a long time, Apartment O which is located in Happy Valley is the right answer. There you can get an extra discount of up to HK $ 40,000 per month. It is very cheap compared to other apartments. If you want to rent it for only a few months, you can choose apartment O which is located in Causeway Bay. You can choose the old shanghai or old Hong Kong type for the same rental price of HK $ 81,000 per year.