Enjoy at the sailing yacht and wakeboarding Hong Kong This Summer

As you know, summer in Hong Kong is on fire. So why not practice water sports and hide in large shopping malls and air-conditioned apartments? Not only is this the best way to get away from it all, but you can also experience some of the coolest ways to explore the sailing yacht and wakeboarding Hong Kong.

Wakeboarding hong kong

If you have a good sense of balance, you can water ski like a pro. They hold their feet on a board similar to a surfboard and ride the waves when being towed by a speedboat. While sliding on rocky water, water skiing needs a fairly good level of core strength without losing your balance and falling into the sea.

If water skiing is a bit difficult and you can still maintain consistent speed and excitement, water skiing is your best bet. Just like water skiing, your goal is to stand on the board. However, you will be riding the waves propelled by the motor of the motorboat. If you stand completely on the plate, you can send a rope to prevent flooding.

Hong Kong provides sailing yacht and Wakeboarding Hong Kong and a variety of packages for private organizations, businesses and schools. Prices vary, but the “Family and Friends Package” offers a 3-hour course that includes water skiing, tubing and canoeing for $ 2,700 and is open Monday through Friday. Wake surfing in Hong Kong Taitamu, transportation is good and it is a 30-minute drive to the centre. The meeting is from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Sunday, life jackets, surfboards, wetsuits, drysuits are included. You can make a reservation on the website.