One of the best service offered by the Levo Spa

The SPA focuses on the relaxation of body, mind and soul, the best experience and recovery of the mind. The fusion of aesthetics and philosophy The voice of the soul merges into the depths of nature. They all have the right to change someone’s life through our relationship, and at Levospa that’s what they do. When you need to be nervous, there’s no more room. Levo spa offers certified relaxing massages, facial spa treatment, body treatments, pedicures and manicures, eyebrows and eyelash extensions in the heart of the centre.

Facial spa services offered by Levo

  • Professional definition of elevators and contours

Powered by advanced technology, this facial treatment can restore facial structure using the effective nutrients contained in the active ingredients of the plant. These active ingredients help support the extracellular matrix. It creates a deep piece, an exhilaration and a youthful effect.

  • Pro-Collagen Anti-Aging

This treatment eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and supports the cellular structure of the skin. Ocean Charge Paddy Napa Bonica Red Coral Perceived benefit helps smooth fine lines, Audi Indian Reducer helps relieve skin fatigue and relieve wrinkles. Target lymphatic drainage massage brings rejuvenation, and at the same time, an anti-ageing peeling mask promotes better cell function, greatly improves elasticity and elasticity, nourishes young and beautiful skin.

Levo Spa is committed to discovering the forces of nature and interpreting them to the limit. It uses modern technology to explore the principles of natural aesthetics and combines nature with therapeutic effects and facial spa treatment. Every well-designed treatment exerts a therapeutic effect that goes beyond the nature chosen by nature. Services offered include spa, beauty, hair and scalp treatments, manicures and eyelashes. One-stop beauty spa