Things you need to know about Cloud kitchen

With the rapid increase in food delivery to restaurants, a new business model of food delivery and take out has emerged. Entering a dark kitchen – an efficient production unit without stores, specially optimized for delivery. Dark kitchen (also known as ghost kitchens or cloud kitchen) have many benefits for different business owners and types of restaurants. But what exactly is a dark kitchen?

A concept with many names

Dark Kitchen Virtual Kitchen Cloud Kitchen Ghost Kitchen, also known as taking out restaurant. No matter what you call it, Dark Kitchen still revolves around the same concept: selling meals only by delivery. When an order is placed through a ghost kitchen, delivery app, or online ordering system, we only prepare meals with an emphasis on delivery, so we cannot respond to on-site restaurants and restaurants. without an appointment. When the meal is ready, the delivery man picks it up and delivers it. Some dark kitchens also offer take-out service, allowing patrons to collect their food.

Cloud Kitchen and COVID-19

Cloud kitchens are on the rise, large amounts of venture capital are flowing into startups serving the industry, and major distribution platforms are building their facilities. In early 2020, ghost kitchens were widely discussed as a new trend in food delivery.

With new restrictions and strict hygiene and street requirements, restaurants are starting to open up to diners. Don’t expect ghost kitchen models to disappear. The lock transforms into a digital platform and turns to restaurateurs who have yet to take advantage of the advantage that this is a very informative model that offers more practical options. Cloud kitchen also brought more consumers to the delivery platform, demonstrating the convenience of ordering online.