Want to do covid test for employees in Singapore

Jaga Me is one of the leading providers of mobile covid testing and also ART (Antigen Rapid Testing) in Singapore. This company has full of tested & proven covid 19 swab testers or operators as it is completed approved and licensed provider by the ministry of health. It works very closely with the public companies and agencies to support timely and safe re-opening of the economy.

If any private or public company wants to start your work again by testing all your employees to find whether they are infected with corona virus or not, you can book covid test for employees here with this company. They will make arrangement for everything and test every employee before entering your workplace to ensure 100 % safety.

covid test for employees

Specialties of Jaga Me:

  • Qualified trainers

Jaga Me has highly qualified and experienced trainers or nurses who have conducted the swab technique training, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), infection control training, usage training, and N95 mask fitting for the different government agencies.

  • End to end support

From the planning of pre-event, to communicating the authorities and actual execution, the team members of Jaga Me has the expertise to make all your plans a reality to do covid test for employees.

  • Complete testing solution

These team members also work with the certified partners and laboratories to conduct PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), ART (Antigen Rapid Tests), and also Serology (Antibody) tests.

They have already done their tests in the various events conducted in Singapore and some of them include Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2020, MCI Insights Conference 2020, Keppel Desalination Plant Opening 2021, and more. If you want to make mobile medical enquiry to book the off-site covid test with Jaga Me, you just have to fill the online form by giving your company name, any representative name, his/her phone number and email address. Once you submit the form, an executive in the Jaga Me team will contact you shortly.