You can trust product liability insurance

The global legal environment is changing rapidly cargo insurance hong kong. Around the world, people are increasingly aware of the need to protect their products and recover from their injuries. These days, you can find a lawyer who wants to sue you with just a few clicks of your keyboard. In addition, each country has its own legal rules for product liability, and China has two main laws. Even if you end up winning a lawsuit, the certified crime itself may tarnish you and your organization.

Cargo Insurance

When goods are shipped from the manufacturing plant, there are threats.You’ve probably seen news reports of containers with cargo that have tipped over due to storms, ships that have capsized due to bad weather or human error, and even container ships that have been hijacked.

The damage is usually not that severe, but it can be just as devastating if the cargo is damaged in transit or during loading or unloading, or if a defect in the container allows something in nature to destroy the product inside.

Trucking threats do more than hurt your bottom line. These trucking threats can sink a company if it relies on trucking to create cash flow. How do you manage your threats in these circumstances?

Cargo insurance from Grand Trust Underwriters can help.

Grand Trust Underwriters has been the leading provider of cargo insurance to customers in Hong Kong since 1976.

It is one of the two largest insurance companies in the world. American International Group Hong Kong Limited (AIG) and China Insurance Company Limited (CHUBB). With an extensive presence in over 160 countries and territories, they offer the fastest claims service and professional assistance. Our cargo insurance for organizations in Hong Kong is second to none and includes immediate administration, handling and communication.