Different Types of Piano

If you’re someone who wants to learn piano, you should know about the different types of pianos available. Whether you’re learning piano from a professional teacher or you’re learning piano online by yourself, it is important that you have a piano. Well, not necessarily because you can always practice in the beginning stages on smartphone piano apps and keyboards. However, as your piano playing skills progress, you must have a piano and you should have a good idea about the different types of pianos so that you can choose the right one for you. Learn piano on a good piano because to learn piano on a bad piano is simply spoiling your music and your skills.

The following are the different types of pianos that are available in the market today:

Grand Piano or Horizontal Piano

A grand piano is the most stylish, classic, and large piano. That’s exactly why grand pianos cost a lot more than the other types of pianos. These are the kind of pianos that you see in fancy musical events and expensive restaurants. The casing of the keys is bottomless in grand pianos and the horizontal soundboards can stretch up to 4 feet! The soundboard of a grand piano is encased inside a box which can be opened on the left side. You would have noticed these big wide lids on a piano that is held open with the help of a stick sort of a thing. If you have, then that’s the thing we’re talking about over here.

Baby Grand Piano

Like the name suggests, a baby grand piano is just the smaller version of a grand piano. It does not differ in any of the features except the size of the piano.

Upright or Vertical Piano

Upright piano is the most commonly used piano because it is not as expensive as the grand piano. It is called a vertical piano because of its height. Generally, the height of an upright piano can extend up to 60 inches! That’s something really tall when compared to a grand piano which is wide. These pianos have a horizontal soundboard. The hammers of this piano strike horizontally which is why it takes more time for them to come back to the resting position when compared to the hammers in a grand piano which has hammers that strike vertically.

Electric Piano

Electric pianos are the most affordable kind of pianos for a beginner or a band that requires an all in one instrument. Some of these pianos can be set into different modes that will give out sounds of organ, guitar, string, choir, and percussion. However, these pianos fail to bring in the acoustic feeling of the other types of pianos.